Notorious Vendor DutchMasters BUSTED! 6 people Arrested


Their shop was seized today. Police acclaim that they made millions

Their shop was seized today. Police acclaim that they made millions.

It is not long ago since the seizure by German police of DarkMarket including the arrest of its administrator that today many users of the community have been alarmed due to the arrest of their favorite vendor. DutchMasters had been selling on the darknet for quite some time, so that he was considered one of the best around here. The legendary Agora Marketplace, Original Caze’s Alphabay (R.I.P Alexander Cazes), Dream Market, Pandora, Hansa Market were some of the big markets on which DutchMasters was very active in.

Dutchmasters’ profile on Recon.

The operation:

This morning, DSI (Special Interventions Service) raided eleven locations in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Diemen and Almere leading to 6 arrests.

It is suspected that the arrested people behind DutchMasters have been responsible for the entire operation including production, sale and distribution. At one of the raided location, the ecstasy pills are pressed into empty candy tins and wrapped with foil, and then put in boxes.

One of the eleven locations police raided this morning was a house in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. This house has a heavy vault door as front door, painted in the same color as the other houses in the apartment. The house has been reported to be used exclusively as a location for vacuuming the drugs and packing them into boxes.

In the rest of the locations, A large number of telephones, a Firearm, large amounts of cash, laptops, USB sticks, a Rolex, a Volkswagen Golf, a Harley motorcycle and various types of drugs were also seized.

The operation included corrupt contacts at a parcel delivery service. They managed to get their order packages into the regular mail flow allowing their packages to be sent around the world with a good rate of delivery. According to the police, at least 135 packages had been sent by Dutchmasters, in the past three months.

DutchMasters was a most-wated in Netherlands:

The Dutch police have been watching the DutchMasters brand for a long time, so much so that they already had their web-shop under surveillance. In September 20th , police raided a warehouse in Maartensdijk as part of their investigation against DutchMasters. The warehouse was set up as a lab for the production of synthetic drugs as ecstasy pills. They found tableting machines and the accompanying stamb for making the pills. Those markings of pills that DutchMasters offered. After the raid the police reported that DutchMasters updated their shop stopping the sale of ecstasy because of ‘’the current crisis in Netherlands. This made it clear to the police what they already suspected.

DutchMasters was a millionaire and his car says so:

The suspect of being the main mastermind of the operation, Michael S. from Amstelveen drives a Luxury Porsche. In overheard conversations,he talks about the purchase of his new house and the down payment of a new kitchen for the value of 45,000 €. Police found out that he has antecedents when it comes to synthetic drugs, but the detectives also see that he has links with well-known Amsterdam criminals.

From TheOnionWeb, we are sad about this, since DutchMasters was a good vendor who offered their service to a lot of users around their world during a long time. DutchMasters has been the reason of so many cool parties around the world.

ALERT: Their forum is still working. We do not recommend you to use it.


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  1. February 1, 2021 at 2:43 pm escobarisback

    I Did not know this vendor, i guess he does not ship to my country

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  2. January 27, 2021 at 3:30 pm forevercannabis420

    my man, fuck my life :/ cleaning the house right now

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