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DarkRise is Live now!

When the popular news site Deepdotweb was seized we decided to contribute to the community with the creation of The Onion Web.
This was in August 2019, we have been operating for two years now, providing Darknet users with direct and secure access to their favorite sites.

In these two years we have never been hacked and we can be proud that unlike other sites and thanks to our verification process we have always provided official and secure links to our users.

The Onion Web provides many other services to the community such as news, interest stories, tutorials and other resources, for that reason we have decided to add DarkRise to the family to offer a directory that loads in a single request for users who only need a directory where they can get updated links and which does not censor sites for their own interests.

DarkRise provides you with access to all current secure sites and promises to keep said directory updated to keep users informed of all current offers available on the Darknet.

DarkRise is connected to The Onion Web, so changes in The Onion Web directory will be automatically reflected on DarkRis, that's why we guarantee DarkRise to be updated regularly as The Onion Web is.

Onion Link - http://darkris3k6fhaqc2doe2i4lfvzc5sdda4x4mce3bubhlha7bh6kgmhad.onion/ Clearnet Link - www.darkri.se


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