The only legitimate and reliable Hidden Wiki is powered by the Onion Web. At the same time it is the most neutral and updated onion directory available.
Do you want to contribute to this cause? do you know of any onion site that is not yet on the Onion Web?
Feel free to send an email to
Below are some details to consider before adding a site to the Onion Web.

General Requirements:

The purpose of this cause is to be a gateway to the community, therefore the main philosophy is to be neutral and not to censor according to our opinions or personal situations. That being said, and for the safety of all, the Onion Web will not be able to promote sites proving to be unsafe for users or not respecting TOR project's basic security bases. They will be included on ''Banned'' sections until they fix their issues.
Scam sites are not allowed and they will be included on ''Scam'' section.
CP/Violence/Weapon sites are not allowed and they won't be included.


All new markets go to the Pending Markets section on #Future-Markets They will be there for 1 month before being moved to the #Active-Markets section.
If the market is a good custom code market and its not a script or a ''bad-code'' market, it may take less than 1 month to be moved to the #Active-Markets section.


Only vendors with a positive reputation on marketplaces and who can demonstrate it using their pgp will be allowed. If these shops become dangerous or scams they will be removed without prior notice. Other shops (not drugs) may be added if they can prove they are legit.

Forums and other:

Forums and other sites are good to go if they meet general requirements.