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Advertising on The Onion Web:


Your Ad will be visible on all AD spots on the platform (400X100 and 728x90) and through the rest of affiliated platforms. - $200 Monthly

Writing Services:

Guide to use the site plus promotion - $250.
Review for your site plus promotion - $150.
Release and or Promotion article plus promotion - $100 - $250 (Depending of the site).

Design Services:

Original Banner (PNG-JPG) - $50.
Original Banner animated - $80.
Other Graphic Design (Road maps, logos etc.) - $50-$100 (Depending of the work).

Become a Sponsor:

The Onion Web offers reliable projects to become sponsors of The Onion Web. If your site is new, we recommend to start first with the normal advertising service, check above.

1. Advertisement

Your AD will be visible through many different ad spots across the platform and rest of affiliated platforms. (Darkguard, darkrise...) Your ad will appear in the following formats throughout the site: Horizontal ads 728x90 and sidebar ads 400x100.

2. Featured Site

You will be positioned at first position of the dns section, the most popular section of The Onion Web.

3. Mentions

Your site is constantly mentioned on all our daily articles recommending our readers to visit your site explaining what is your site about.

4. Special Articles

We will write a minimum of 2 special articles about your site (Example: Guide to use it, review, and then every new feature you add will be also published.)

5. Email Marketing

The Onion Web receive many emails daily from users asking for help, advice and resources, we will always mention your site to all of these users after we answered them.

6. API Key

You will receive your personal API key to keep your site URLs up to date automatically without waiting times so that Darkguard works for your site with 100% effectiveness.

Sponsor Price: $350 monthly. (Few spots remaining)

NOTE: Limited! for obvious reasons we do not accept unlimited sponsors, we have a limit of very few spots for each different niche.