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Ross Ulbricht attempts to claim his $2B


Ross Ulbricht's lawyer has filed a motion for an enlargement of time to file a notice...

WHM has decided to enforce Monero


White House Market made an announcement his week that states:Bitcoin payments are no ...

Interview with HackTown admin Funshine

Friedrich Nietzsche 31 Dec 2020 2

What are your skills? I’ve been in and out of the black hat hacking scene my w...

Interview with Dark Market Manager

Friedrich Nietzsche 22 Dec 2020 1

  Why did you decided to get involved in a Darknet market?I had known Dark for ...

Ross Ulbricht might get pardoned or commuted by Trump

Friedrich Nietzsche 17 Dec 2020 0

Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road was charged with computer fraud, money launde...

How Dark Web Scam sites affect it's victims

Friedrich Nietzsche 16 Dec 2020 0

  Dark Web is the sketchy corner you go to when you're desperate to get your ne...

Sipuli Market SEIZED

Friedrich Nietzsche 14 Dec 2020 0

Another finnish market went down.  Sipuli Market which was launched in 2019 sho...

ASAP Market's new support member tried to extort admins by DDOS attacks & false Dox

Friedrich Nietzsche 12 Dec 2020 0

Last night, a user on dread /u/ASAPgothacked gained lots of attention as he claimed t...

The Art of Mimicking (Part 1)

Friedrich Nietzsche 11 Dec 2020 0

Mimicking is something that alot of people do by 'pretending' to be someone they're n...

Authorities found a sketchy looking package at the Isle of Man Post Office


When Law Enforcement opened the package they found two DVD cases containing ketamine ...