#Future-Markets (Pending and Upcoming)


#Pending-Markets: These markets are being reviewed by The Onion Web community. After a review, they will or will not be added to The Onion Web.

#Upcoming-Markets: Markets still under developement by their creators. They decided to post their project here for you to be expecting them in a future.

Last Revision: 30 May, 2020

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These markets have not been reviewed yet, maybe they are a scam.

After a review by The Onion Web community, these markets will be listed (if everything is correct) on #Active-Markets. Otherwise they will remain here or will be sent to the banned area.

Big Blue Market - wdijdjioqidjqowijoqjd.onion

Icarus Market - icarusg6s3ikphkb.onion

Asean Market - aseanmf7wpgqgctffwow53r3htyh66btkvndbo537m4jmwurbxt5bbad.onion

Europa Market - europamkhpa5vwb3.onion

Cypher Market - s6rki2vssbcvobgu.onion

Metropolis Market - metro5hhkpjjeob27fqpb2grgirwzdxoqr6yl7nm5zlg47ggjxmvelid.onion


These markets are just projects. They may or may not exist in the future.