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Darkweb Vendor “Darkking22” Admits Fentanyl Distribution

DeepDotWeb 1 Sep 2018 0

According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the ...

Louisiana DMV Hacked, Data for Sale on Dark Net

DeepDotWeb 17 Jun 2016 3

A hacker known as ‘NSA’ operating on “Therealdeal” dark net market i...

Introducing: DeepDotWeb’s Discussion Forum

DeepDotWeb 30 Oct 2014 0

After considering this idea for a long time and as an answer to the many requests we ...

FBI and DHS Hacked

DeepDotWeb 11 Feb 2016 0

Under a pro-Palestine slogan, a hacker has released information on o...

Idar-Oberstein Man Sentenced For Buying Guns And Grenade

DeepDotWeb 18 Nov 2016 1

A 25-year-old from Idar-Oberstein was sentenced to prison for ordering two handguns, ...

Highly Educated Young Users are Leading Illicit Dark Web Narcotics Trade

DeepDotWeb 15 Jun 2017 4

The Global Drug Survey and its lead researcher Monica Barratt have f...

Member of $71m Cybercrime Group Sentenced for Wire Fraud

DeepDotWeb 11 Feb 2017 2

According to US Attorney Annette L. Hayes, US District Judge Thomas ...

Veteran Tor Contributor Exits, Takes Critical Node Down

DeepDotWeb 23 Jul 2016 2

The Tor network is about to lose Tonga, a crucial piece of the onion...

Russian MP’s son: Guilty of Stealing over 2 million US credit cards

DeepDotWeb 8 Sep 2016 2

On August 26th, a federal jury in Seattle found Roman Seleznev guilty of stealing mor...

Study Claims: Silk Road Reduced Drug-trade Violence

DeepDotWeb 8 Jun 2014 1

I have been holding this post for over a week and from some reason it slipped my publ...