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Judge Breaks Precedent and Orders Google to Hand Over Foreign Emails

DeepDotWeb 24 Feb 2017 0

In a potentially huge blow against privacy rights, in the case of In re Search Warran...

Sci-Hub Offers Encrypted Bot to Help Users Stay Safe

DeepDotWeb 23 May 2016 0

The Pirate Bay for scientists has offered up a new feature where use...

Australia Considers Forcing ISPs to Block Digital Threats

DeepDotWeb 15 May 2017 2

The Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Cybersecurity, Dan Tehan, recently vocal...

US Postal Service Calls for Cybercrime and Darknet Investigators in Latest Job Listing

DeepDotWeb 1 Feb 2017 2

In September 2016, Senator Rob Portman delivered a briefing to membe...

Founder of BitInstant Charlie Shrem Released from Prison

DeepDotWeb 27 Jul 2016 2

In his first blog post as a free man, Charlie Shrem writes that he was released somet...

BKA Chief: Organized Crime Shifted Actions To The Dark Net

DeepDotWeb 26 Oct 2016 5

Organized criminal groups in Germany has started to increase their actions on the dar...

Encryption Talk at ‘Inside The Dark Net’ Conference

DeepDotWeb 19 May 2016 0

At the Inside Dark Web conference in New York City Thursday, an atto...

Research: Is the dark web being exploited to facilitate the illicit wildlife trade?

DeepDotWeb 2 Mar 2019 0

The anonymous nature of the dark web has qualified it to be an ideal place for underg...

How the presidential candidates feel about Tor / Privacy?

DeepDotWeb 29 Feb 2016 0

First off, I want to say the following candidates are in no particular order. The one...

Latvian Arrested for Ordering Darknet Packages of Drug from Netherlands on ‘Dream market’

DeepDotWeb 14 Dec 2018 3

A Latvian teenage citizen was arrested and detained by the Border and Customs Police ...