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The costs of different forms of bandwidth DoS attacks against the Tor network

DeepDotWeb 11 Apr 2019 0

Tor is by far the most popular anonymity communication protocol ever...

Darkweb Vendor “Darkking22” Admits Fentanyl Distribution

DeepDotWeb 1 Sep 2018 0

According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the ...

Sorting Through the Dread & Olympus Drama

DeepDotWeb 24 Apr 2018 26

Update: Yesterday DeepDotWeb was contacted by both HugBunter and Olympus market and w...

Rival Malware Coders Leak Decryption Keys For Chimera Ransomware

DeepDotWeb 5 Aug 2016 0

The creators of “Petya” and “Mischa” ransomware leaked around 3,500 ...

19 years old guy gets 20-Month jail sentence after offering hacking services for bitcoin

gallagher 18 Aug 2019 0

A British man has been handed 20 months in jail and ordered to forfeit over £400,000 ...

8 Million Left Unaccessible; DNS Hijack

DeepDotWeb 23 Oct 2016 0

The bitcoin community’s most widely used wallet platform Blockchain fell victim to a ...

Portsmouth Dark Web Drug Dealer Jailed For 16 Years

DeepDotWeb 13 Jan 2018 0

A 26-year-old dark web drug dealer has been handed a 16-year prison ...

Bitcoin news round-up 3.6.14

DeepDotWeb 3 Jun 2014 0

Last week, Bitcoin crossed the $600 barrier for the first time since March 20 and is ...

Tor Metrics Data Shows Massive Spike of Tor Use from the United Arab Emirates

DeepDotWeb 20 Feb 2017 0

Not long ago, an entire country banned Tor. And the ban, unlike previous bans, became...

South Africa credit card details found for sale on Darknet

DeepDotWeb 25 Jul 2017 0

Credit card fraud and personal data leaks are happening often on the Darknet marketp...