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Do you want to create your own space and post content without fear of being censored or banned? Welcome to The Onion Web, your space, your rules!

Please send an email to theonionweb@protonmail.com In your email tell us about what topics your space will deal with, the name of the space...

If you are just interested in posting a single story, the Onion Web gives you the chance of publishing your story without even asking your username! Send an email to onionweb@airmail.cc with your story attached in a PDF format.

Remember:All types of content are accepted. But there are some exceptions, inhuman content is not allowed (CP, promoting violence, scams...)


Can I get some revenue out of my space or story?

Yes, all the spaces have the donation section. If you write interesting things and get followers, you will receive donations. The Bitcoin/Monero address is your own, we do not keep any percent of the donations, the donation go directly to your address. The donation section also appears at the end of the articles you write.
If your space becomes popular, there will be interested people in putting advertising on your space. You decide how many ads your space and your articles will have and the price of them.

Can I write short but many articles per day?

No, this is not twitter. The spaces must contain quality articles and original content. It cannot be copied from any site unless it belongs to you. All articles are approved and uploaded manually by the moderator, you can write about anything you want, there are no more rules or restrictions than those explained above (CP, promoting violence, scams...)

But can I upload content every day?

Yes, no problem, your articles are posted within a few hours of sending them to the mail that will be indicated to you once you have a space.

Is it free?

Yes for those who get their space now, it will always be free.

Will my space be deleted if I stop posting content?

No, it will always be there. Donations will continue to go to the same address you indicated. The only thing that is possible is that if you disappear and we cannot contact you, you will not receive your share of the benefit of the ads that may be in the space. Unless you indicate a fixed address where we will always send the profits, whether you are active or not.