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Darknet Bust Leads to Portugal’s First Bitcoin Seizure

DeepDotWeb 6 Apr 2018 0

In Atouguia da Baleia, a judge sentenced a couple from Poland to prison for selling n...

Snowden Documents Reveal the NSA Has Been Tracking Bitcoin Users Since at Least 2013

DeepDotWeb 11 Apr 2018 3

A series of documents recently published by The Intercept shows that...

Spanish Police Smash a Bitcoin criminal gang–11 arrested over money laundering

DeepDotWeb 21 Apr 2018 1

The Spanish civil guard police have arrested 11 suspects and launched an investigatio...

Benton County sheriffs mine Bitcoin for dark web investigations

DeepDotWeb 29 Apr 2018 3

As the conversation on the good and bad of cryptocurrency rages, the...

Amazon Patent to Help Unmask Bitcoin Users by Subscribing to “Data Stream”

DeepDotWeb 30 Apr 2018 4

Amazon, the world’s largest retailer, has a new patent that takes th...

Man Sentenced for Running an Illegal Bitcoin Exchange

DeepDotWeb 23 May 2018 5

U.S. Attorney Annette L. Hayes announced that Louis Ong, 37, had bee...

British Columbia Claims Ownership of Bitcoin seized from Alleged Silk Road vendor

DeepDotWeb 24 Jul 2018 0

British Columbia has filed a lawsuit through the director of forfeiture; the governme...

US, France, and Russia Bid for the Extradition of Bitcoin Fraud Suspect

DeepDotWeb 24 Jul 2018 9

France has joined the US and Russia in a bid to extradite a bitcoin fraud suspect of ...

Canadian Authorities Seize Bitcoin from Alleged Silk Road Vendor

DeepDotWeb 25 Jul 2018 3

According to a Canadian news outlet, the British Columbia Civil Forfeiture Office has...

Bitcoin Trader ‘Bitcoin Maven” Sentenced to Federal Prison

DeepDotWeb 27 Jul 2018 6

United States District Judge Manuel L. Real of the Central District of California sen...