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Dark Net Vendor Group “Italian Mafia Brussels” Busted

DDW Archive
DeepDotWeb 1 Jul 2016 6

A total of six suspects were arrested in Belgium, mostly from the Bruges area, howeve...

Dark Net Vendor XanaxKing Writes from Prison, Details How he Got Busted

DDW Archive
DeepDotWeb 6 Jul 2016 10

In 2014, we wrote about one of the largest deepweb Alprazolam vendors, XanaxKing, get...

Sweden’s Largest Darknet Vendor Busted by Authorities

DDW Archive
DeepDotWeb 21 Jul 2016 0

When it comes to drugs on the deepweb, both buyers and sellers share a similar concer...

Australian Teen Arrested, Could face 25 years in Prison for Dark Net Drug Importing

DDW Archive
DeepDotWeb 26 Sep 2016 7

An 18-year-old teen was busted with close to $60,000 in drugs he bought from dark web...

German Police Busted A Major Deepweb Vendor And Nobody Noticed

DDW Archive
DeepDotWeb 2 Oct 2016 0

Following a deepweb crack-down promised by law enforcement in Germany, another suspec...

Child Porn Ring Busted In Italy, 7 Arrested

DDW Archive
DeepDotWeb 1 Nov 2016 2

A joint action between District Anti-Mafia Directorate of the Public Prosecutor of Ro...

Police Busted A Major Internet Drug Operation In Ukraine

DDW Archive
DeepDotWeb 2 Nov 2016 0

Law enforcement authorities carried out a massive police action in U...

Ethiopian Smuggling Ring Busted In Italy

DDW Archive
DeepDotWeb 1 Dec 2016 4

An Ethiopian narcotics smuggling ring was busted by the Guardia di Finanza (GDF – Fin...

Ex Australian Cop Busted for Selling Stolen Police Identification on Alphabay

DDW Archive
DeepDotWeb 2 Dec 2016 3

Former Australian police officer James Goris was arrested Tuesday morning in correlat...

Vendor BlimeSub a.k.a BTH-Overdose busted

DDW Archive
DeepDotWeb 26 Dec 2016 8

Emil Babadjov, the person behind the vendor aliases “Blime-Sub” and “BTH-Overdose,” w...