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San Diego Darknet Dealer Admits Carfentanil Distribution

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DeepDotWeb 13 May 2018 0

In early April, a former darknet vendor from San Diego pleaded guilt...

San Diego Dark Web Drug Dealer Receives 10 Year jail Sentence

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DeepDotWeb 16 May 2018 1

Sky Justin Gornik, the 39-year old Clairemont dark web drug dealer w...

Alphabay “Fullz” Dealer to be Sentenced in May

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DeepDotWeb 19 May 2018 3

Not long ago, Grant West made the news after he pleaded guilty to selling hundreds of...

Almost Six Years in Prison for Fake Oxycodone Dealer

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DeepDotWeb 22 May 2018 0

At a federal district court in South Dakota, U.S. District Judge Karen E. Schreier se...

Fugitive Fentanyl Analogue Dealer Indicted in Chicago

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DeepDotWeb 5 Jun 2018 1

After two years on the run in Mexico, Rolando Estrada, 42, returned ...

Fentanyl Analogue Dealer Sentenced to 26 Years in Prison

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DeepDotWeb 15 Jun 2018 0

United States District Judge John A. Kronstadt sentenced a 33-year-o...

Fentanyl Dealer to Spend Two Decades in Prison

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DeepDotWeb 20 Jun 2018 5

An announcement from United States Attorney Sherri A. Lydon of the U...

Dealer Arrested for Forcing Ex-Girlfriend to Overdose on Fentanyl

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DeepDotWeb 2 Jul 2018 0

An alleged darknet opioid dealer has been arrested for assault and r...

Swedish Drug Dealer Loses Appeal for a Lighter Sentence

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DeepDotWeb 24 Jul 2018 4

In Högsby, Sweden, a 27-year-old convicted drug trafficker has appe...

Dealer Allegedly Pressed Xanax in Rented Beach Homes

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DeepDotWeb 28 Jul 2018 4

The court documents for a darknet Xanax and Oxycodone vendor remain sealed, but a rec...