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Gibon Ransomware Appears on a Russian Darkweb Forum for $500

DeepDotWeb 17 Nov 2017 1

Matthew Mesa, a proofpoint researcher has discovered a Gibon ransomware being sold on...

German Police Bust Another Darknet Child Abuse Forum

DeepDotWeb 2 Feb 2018 37

According to the public prosecutor of Hechingen and the Baden-Wuerttemberg State Offi...

Operation Shadow Web Carding Forum Investigation Results in 36 Arrests

DeepDotWeb 1 Mar 2018 4

The United States Department of Justice recently announced that 36 individuals involv...

German Darknet Forum Owner Free While Waiting for Trial

DeepDotWeb 28 Mar 2018 7

The owner of the former largest darknet forum in Germany, “Germany i...

German Police Busted Another Child Abuse Forum Admin

DeepDotWeb 22 Apr 2018 12

According to the Public Prosecutor in Hannover, a lengthy investigat...

“We are the most informative source on Russian darknet” – claims Hydra forum admin.

DeepDotWeb 27 May 2018 3

Russian darknet market Hydra is not only a place where one can buy ...

Dread Discussion Forum Is Now Relaunched!

DeepDotWeb 28 May 2018 3

After being down for a while following a recent drama, the onion discussion forum wh...

Pedophile “Copyrighted” Images with Darknet Forum Username

DeepDotWeb 5 Jun 2018 8

Dashawn Webster, 22, signed up for a darknet child abuse forum with ...

“Black Hand” Darknet Forum Seized by French Authorities

DeepDotWeb 30 Jun 2018 0

C. Aliens“Black Hand” Darknet Forum Seized by French Authorities“Bla...

French Customs Accuses Young Mother of Running the “Black Hand” Forum

DeepDotWeb 3 Jul 2018 3

In a recent statement to the press from a French law enforcement off...