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Interview: Insider Trading Forum Admin

DeepDotWeb 4 May 2016 35

Kickass Forum (kickassugvgoftuk.onion), is a relatively new forum focused at hacking ...

Tor operator wanted for questioning about ‘offensive’ forum post

DeepDotWeb 14 Jul 2016 0

Being brought in for questioning by authorities is nothing new to To...

PSA: DNM Avengers Forum Is Back

DeepDotWeb 28 Aug 2016 0

The Darknet Market Avengers, properly known and referred to as the DNM Avengers, star...

Man Arrested After Ordering Weapon via Darknet Forum

DeepDotWeb 3 Apr 2017 0

In early March, the Federal Criminal Police Office in Wiesbaden and Coburg Public Pro...

Darknet Vendor Selling Bitcoin Forum Databases With 12m Entries

DeepDotWeb 6 Apr 2017 2

DoubleFlag, a vendor on TheRealDeal darknet marketplace, recently posted a listing th...

Darknet Vendor Lists 25 Hacked Forum Databases

DeepDotWeb 13 Apr 2017 0

Talk of hacking, both in respect to the usual cybercrime victims and...

BKA Analyzed an Entire Forum in Darknet Investigation

DeepDotWeb 15 May 2017 1

In very early 2017, law enforcement throughout Germany conducted raids and arrested s...

CP Forum in Spain Taken Down by Reverse Image Searches

DeepDotWeb 4 Jul 2017 0

An analyst from the University of Portsmouth named Gareth Owen conducted a study into...

BKA Seized a Darknet Child Abuse Forum

DeepDotWeb 20 Jul 2017 3

For five weeks, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Frankfurt announced, German law en...

Task Force Argos Operated a Darknet Child Abuse Forum for 11 Months

DeepDotWeb 16 Oct 2017 10

With striking similarity to the US FBI’s takeover of the darknet child abuse forum Pl...