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German Man Busted for Amphetamine Orders

DeepDotWeb 5 May 2018 5

According to an announcement from police in Gifhorn, Lower Saxony, Germany, the arres...

German Man Sentenced for Ordering 200 Grams of Amphetamine

DeepDotWeb 17 May 2018 3

In Coburg, Germany, a seized package of amphetamines led to the arre...

German Man Sentenced for Eight Cocaine Orders

DeepDotWeb 17 May 2018 10

According to German media outlets, the District Court of Munich sent...

German Man Sentenced to Five Years for Subutex Trafficking

DeepDotWeb 29 May 2018 1

Due, in part, to a lengthy criminal record, the District Court of Ko...

German Teen Receives 2.5 Years Dealing on Dark Web

DeepDotWeb 7 Jun 2018 1

A 19 year old boy from the Eastern district of Altotting in Germany ...

German Police Seize 50K LSD Tabs in Massive Bust

DeepDotWeb 15 Jun 2018 16

A large-scale and exhaustive international LSD trafficking operation led to the arres...

German Police Arrest Two Suspected Darknet Dealers

DeepDotWeb 16 Jun 2018 3

In the town of Bad Nauheim in the Hesse state of Germany, narcotics ...

German Judge Sentenced a Hansa Vendor to Two Years

DeepDotWeb 25 Jun 2018 1

At Ludwigsburg District Court, Judge Franziska Scheffel sentenced a 23-year-old darkn...

German Ecstasy Buyer Fined for

DeepDotWeb 10 Jul 2018 1

A young man faced a judge to receive sentencing for buying several p...

Two German Dealers Charged for Fentanyl Distribution

DeepDotWeb 15 Jul 2018 1

In the summer of 2017, a German law enforcement operation took media...