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British Man Participated In Drug Recovery Program, Avoids Jail

DeepDotWeb 21 Aug 2017 4

A man in his thirties from the United Kingdom, despite the large amo...

Dutch Man Fined For Selling Hacked Netflix And Spotify Accounts

DeepDotWeb 25 Aug 2017 1

A copyright watchdog in the Netherlands discovered that a Dutch man ...

Lithuanian Court gives Green Light for Man to be extradited to the U.S. in Phishing Case

DeepDotWeb 26 Aug 2017 0

A local court in Vilnius, Lithuania on Monday approved for a busines...

Bunch of Drugs Seized, and a 48 Year Old Man Arrested In a Nationwide Darknet Raid

DeepDotWeb 27 Aug 2017 1

Previous successful raids have opened the way for more raids to be l...

A 41-Year-Old Man Sentenced For 18 Months for Selling Drugs on Darknet

DeepDotWeb 30 Aug 2017 3

A 41-year-old man from Bakersfield, Ramsey Jeries Farraj has been ha...

German Man Charged With Trafficking Heroin And Marijuana

DeepDotWeb 31 Aug 2017 0

Law enforcement authorities arrested and accused a man in Germany of...

North Dakota Man Serving Three Years for Buying Carfentanil on Alphabay

DeepDotWeb 5 Sep 2017 0

In June, 20-year-old Jesse Erickson of West Fargo, North Dakota, lan...

GA Man Raided by ATF Agents After Drug Pickup, Likely Tied to a Homicide

DeepDotWeb 9 Sep 2017 6

According to Athens Banner Herald, federal agents raided Kyle Lamar ...

Judge gives Suspended jail sentence for purchasing ecstasy from Europe via the Dark Web

DeepDotWeb 12 Sep 2017 1

A 22-year old man has been handed a two-year suspended jail sentence after he bought ...

Man Used a Printer and Stolen Identities to Commit $60,000 Wire Transfer Fraud

DeepDotWeb 16 Sep 2017 1

In Gelsenkirchen, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, a 40-ye...