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Elmshorn Man Arrested For Buying Drugs From Dark Web

DeepDotWeb 21 Jan 2017 3

A 31-year-old was arrested in Elmshorn, Germany for buying narcotics from the dark we...

Ohio Man Pleaded Guilty to Selling Fentanyl From China that Resulted in a Fatal Overdose

DeepDotWeb 4 Feb 2017 0

In 2015, a 36-year-old from Akron, Ohio, sold fentanyl that resulted...

Man Tried to Hire a Hitman on the Darknet to Kill His Wife but Got Scammed and Arrested Instead

DeepDotWeb 6 Feb 2017 3

In early November, a Cottage Grove man, according to police officers, killed his wife...

Man Charged With Killing Wife, Murder-For-Hire Through Darknet​

DeepDotWeb 19 Feb 2017 0

Earlier this week, Stephen Carl Allwine from Cottage Grove, Oregon, was arrested and ...

Maryland Man Guilty of Darknet Child Porn Accusations

DeepDotWeb 25 Feb 2017 0

United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein announced that ...

Stuttgart Man Jailed For Arms And Drugs Trafficking

DeepDotWeb 3 Mar 2017 0

Earlier in 2016, law enforcement authorities arrested a 28-year-old ...

Swedish Man Produced GHB And Sold It On The Dark Web

DeepDotWeb 18 Mar 2017 1

A man in his 40s, from Jönköping, Sweden, stood trial before the Jönköping District C...

Man Sentenced to Probation for 100g Amphetamine Order

DeepDotWeb 3 Apr 2017 2

On March 16, a 26-year-old from Weissenhorn stood before a judge at the Supreme Cour...

Man Arrested After Ordering Weapon via Darknet Forum

DeepDotWeb 3 Apr 2017 0

In early March, the Federal Criminal Police Office in Wiesbaden and Coburg Public Pro...

Appeals Court Allows Man To Be Jailed Indefinitely For Refusing To Decrypt Hard Drives

DeepDotWeb 6 Apr 2017 3

On Monday, March 20th, the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously d...