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Connecticut Man Charged in Carfentanil Distribution Case

DeepDotWeb 23 Apr 2018 2

Nearly one week after the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and C...

Man jailed 20 over explicit content from a teenager over the dark web

DeepDotWeb 25 Apr 2018 4

A 30-year-old Silver Spring man, Kevin Heiting was arrested after he...

German Man Busted for Amphetamine Orders

DeepDotWeb 5 May 2018 5

According to an announcement from police in Gifhorn, Lower Saxony, Germany, the arres...

Kentucky Man Arrested, Convicted Of Child Pornography

DeepDotWeb 6 May 2018 8

Adrian Grisanti, a 46-year-old man from Louisville, Kentucky, has been found guilty o...

Utah Man Accused of Manufacturing and Selling drugs on the dark web

DeepDotWeb 7 May 2018 2

A Utah Cottonwood Heights man accused of running an international illicit drug ring s...

Another Utah Man Charged in Pharma-Master Case

DeepDotWeb 8 May 2018 2

The Pharma-Master case keeps getting larger, as the pile of evidence keeps stacking i...

German Man Sentenced for Ordering 200 Grams of Amphetamine

DeepDotWeb 17 May 2018 3

In Coburg, Germany, a seized package of amphetamines led to the arre...

German Man Sentenced for Eight Cocaine Orders

DeepDotWeb 17 May 2018 10

According to German media outlets, the District Court of Munich sent...

Colorado Man Arrested for Darknet Drug Distribution

DeepDotWeb 18 May 2018 6

A six-month federal investigation in Colorado led to the arrest of Paul Carlos Mosele...

Austrian Man Arrested for Reselling Counterfeit Euros

DeepDotWeb 19 May 2018 1

According to the National Police Directorate of Lower Austria, a 21-...