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Dublin Man Bought Grenades on the Darknet for the IRA

DeepDotWeb 25 Dec 2017 2

In November, 35-year-old Darren Gleeson pleaded guilty to membership...

Man Sentenced for Buying Five Glocks on the Darknet

DeepDotWeb 25 Dec 2017 0

A man from Dresden faced charges of weapons trade, ammunition possession, and child p...

Queensland Man Sentenced to Four Years for Drug Importation

DeepDotWeb 30 Dec 2017 2

In September 2016, Australia’s Townsville Drug Squad arrested a 17-year-old Lachlan T...

UK Man Convicted for Buying Grenades on Alphabay

DeepDotWeb 1 Jan 2018 3

Another darknet market user has been convicted for trying to purchase weapons on the ...

Man Arrested by ‘Almost Ten’ Officers for Ordering Five Pills

DeepDotWeb 2 Jan 2018 8

In Switzerland, authorities charged a 25-year-old man with violations of the Narcotic...

Man Downloaded a ‘Pedophile Manual’ on the Darknet

DeepDotWeb 6 Jan 2018 20

Norwich Crown Court heard how 40-year-old Lee Daly had downloaded a so-called “pedoph...

Pittsburgh Man Charged for Importing Two Pounds of Fentanyl Analogue

DeepDotWeb 18 Jan 2018 0

According to United States Attorney Scott W. Brady of the Western Di...

Kentucky Man Sentenced to 87 Months in PlayPen Case

DeepDotWeb 20 Jan 2018 14

As a result of a “nationwide operation conducted by the FBI” that investigated child ...

German Man Charged for Stolen PayPal Accounts in Fraud Scheme

DeepDotWeb 26 Jan 2018 3

In January, a 21-year-old man stood in front of judges at a juvenile...

Man Get Prison Time for Filming and Uploading CP to the Darknet

DeepDotWeb 29 Jan 2018 6

The Périgueux Criminal Court, in early January, sentenced a 31-year-old pedophile for...