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UK Man Claims He Watched CP to Understand His Childhood Abuse

DeepDotWeb 26 Sep 2017 2

On September 12, Teesside Crown Court heard Alan Walton explain his ...

Man Sentenced to Community Service for Sharing Child Porn

DeepDotWeb 4 Oct 2017 1

Oliver R., sentenced only to 60 hours of community labor, distribute...

Denmark Man Convicted Only of Viewing Child Porn

DeepDotWeb 9 Oct 2017 7

Days after a 33-year-old Danish man received a two year sentence for his role as a co...

Man Used Four “Masterchef” Ecstasy Pills Every Day

DeepDotWeb 12 Oct 2017 10

Some drugs carry a reputation for being “darknet drugs.” Although the darknet catches...

Queensland Man Charged With Over 100 Fraud And Identity Charges

DeepDotWeb 17 Oct 2017 1

A 25-year-old man has been arrested by the Queensland cybercrime pol...

Birmingham Man Guilty of 137 Online Sexual Exploitation Charges

DeepDotWeb 25 Oct 2017 14

A 28-year-old Cambridge University graduate pleaded guilty to more t...

Man Pleads Guilty to Importing Drugs through Darkweb

DeepDotWeb 28 Oct 2017 0

43-year-old Viliam ‘Bill’ Petkovski, an active user of the old Silk ...

Man Abused His Stepdaughter, Shared Pictures on Darknet Forums

DeepDotWeb 28 Oct 2017 4

In Traunstein, Germany, a judge at the Traunstein District Court sentenced a 28-year-...

Australian Man who imported Drugs from the Dark Web Denied Bail

DeepDotWeb 7 Nov 2017 1

An Australian man accused of purchasing more than a kilogram of MDMA and amphetamine ...

Man Caught With 85 Pot Plants After Ordering Cocaine on the Darknet

DeepDotWeb 15 Nov 2017 0

According to a press release from the Police Headquarters in Lower B...