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Bitcoin price analysis April 21 2017

DeepDotWeb 21 Apr 2017 0

The price of Bitcoin looks ripe for an attempt to break past the all time $1350 high ...

Belgian Government Waits To Sell Confiscated Bitcoins For A Better Price

DeepDotWeb 2 May 2017 2

Belgian authorities are currently sitting on more than 1,000 BTC they seized from dar...

Bitcoin Price Analysis for 29th May 2017

DeepDotWeb 28 May 2017 2

Is Bitcoin in a Bubble?Bitcoin was back in the news this week, after another strong r...

Bitcoin Price Analysis June 13 2017

DeepDotWeb 13 Jun 2017 1

The FlippeningBitcoin’s teething problems have not gone unnoticed. This week, Ethereu...

Bitcoin Price Manipulation – Now and Then!

DeepDotWeb 21 Jun 2017 0

Since its advent in 2009, bitcoin has attracted the support of technology enthusiasts...

Bitcoin Price Analysis July 4th

DeepDotWeb 4 Jul 2017 0

The Scaling Debate Weighs on the price of BitcoinOver the past 3 wee...

Bitcoin Price Analysis 12 July 2017

DeepDotWeb 12 Jul 2017 3

Will Bitcoin Tear Itself Apart?This week, the Bitcoin market sentiment seemed to sudd...

Bitcoin price analysis 19th July

DeepDotWeb 19 Jul 2017 0

Bitcoin is in TroubleThis week Bitcoin’s internal wrangles, that hav...

Bitcoin price Analysis 28 July 2017

DeepDotWeb 28 Jul 2017 1

Bitcoin’s Civil War is not yet over.These past 2 weeks, the price of...

In Russia drugs have not risen in price for more than 20 years

DeepDotWeb 28 Dec 2017 0

In 2006, one square meter of housing in Russia cost $600 and now – $...