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Canadian Programmer Connected to Yahoo Security Breach Handed Five Year Prison Sentence

DeepDotWeb 14 Jun 2018 0

A Kazakhstani born Canadian living in Hamilton, Ontario, who was ass...

Fentanyl Analogue Dealer Sentenced to 26 Years in Prison

DeepDotWeb 15 Jun 2018 0

United States District Judge John A. Kronstadt sentenced a 33-year-o...

Man Who Distributed Xanax on the Dark Web Sentenced to Six and Half Years

DeepDotWeb 16 Jun 2018 0

A North Carolina man who pleaded guilty to manufacturing Xanax pills...

5 Years in Prison for Hacker Who Helped Russians

DeepDotWeb 17 Jun 2018 0

The infamous Yahoo hacker who breached the personal information of u...

Bulk MDMA Importer Headed to Prison for 30 Months

DeepDotWeb 18 Jun 2018 2

A Lithuanian man attempted to smuggle almost 10 kilograms of MDMA in...

Fentanyl Dealer to Spend Two Decades in Prison

DeepDotWeb 20 Jun 2018 5

An announcement from United States Attorney Sherri A. Lydon of the U...

Pedophile Caught in Homeland Security Operation Sentenced to Prison

DeepDotWeb 21 Jun 2018 0

According to an announcement from John Durham, the United States Att...

“Publicity Stunt” Kidnapper Sentenced to 201 Months in Prison

DeepDotWeb 24 Jun 2018 4

An Italian court sentenced Lukasz Herba to 16 years and nine months ...

Life Changing ‘Near Death Experience’ Saved a Drug Buyer from Prison

DeepDotWeb 12 Jul 2018 2

Judge Robert Pawson, at a sentencing hearing in Swindon Crown Court,...

Bitcoin Trader ‘Bitcoin Maven” Sentenced to Federal Prison

DeepDotWeb 27 Jul 2018 6

United States District Judge Manuel L. Real of the Central District of California sen...