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New UK Code Seeks Tighter Security on Ships against Cyber Attacks

DeepDotWeb 29 Sep 2017 1

A new code of practice has been launched by the UK government aimed at helping ship o...

Advanced ATM Skimming Tools Circulate Dark Web, Severe Security Issues

DeepDotWeb 30 Sep 2017 5

Advanced ATM skimming tools are circulating the dark web and banks are struggling to ...

TradeRoute Went Down Following a Major Security Leak

DeepDotWeb 15 Oct 2017 115

Weeks before the darknet market DDoS attacks began, TradeRoute Market arranged weekly...

Security Firms are Struggling to Crack New iPhones

DeepDotWeb 20 Oct 2017 1

In early 2016, the FBI struggled against Apple in court; the FBI cla...

Australian Cyber Security Centre Reveals Growing Toll of Cyber Crime in Latest Threat Report

DeepDotWeb 22 Oct 2017 4

Some citizens recently accused the authorities of folding their hand...

Dark Web Guns a threat to Security in 2018 Says Feds

DeepDotWeb 1 Feb 2018 8

As if illegal drugs from the dark web have not done enough damage to the United State...

Two Homeland Security Agents Arrested for Downloading Child Porn

DeepDotWeb 3 Feb 2018 1

In a turn of events not frequently seen in investigations of this so...

How To Test Your Website’s Security With An Intercepting Proxy

DeepDotWeb 16 Feb 2018 2

We all know cybersecurity threats grow each day and, in these times ...

Canadian Programmer Connected to Yahoo Security Breach Handed Five Year Prison Sentence

DeepDotWeb 14 Jun 2018 0

A Kazakhstani born Canadian living in Hamilton, Ontario, who was ass...

Pedophile Caught in Homeland Security Operation Sentenced to Prison

DeepDotWeb 21 Jun 2018 0

According to an announcement from John Durham, the United States Att...