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HTML5 Introduces New Security Threats!

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DeepDotWeb 16 Oct 2016 2

HTML5, the fifth standard of HTML released in 2014, is slowly becoming more prevalent...

Israeli Security Company Can Crack IPhone Encryption and Works with the FBI

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DeepDotWeb 8 Nov 2016 7

The FBI battled Apple for several months in early 2016, attempting to force Apple int...

The Komodo Platform: Security and Privacy

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DeepDotWeb 25 Nov 2016 0

The Komodo Platform is a cryptocurrency project that uses zero knowledge proofs to pr...

Feds Give Security Researchers Two Years to Hack Almost Anything

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DeepDotWeb 5 Dec 2016 3

The U.S. Copyright Office recently removed restrictions that hindere...

Maximizing Security of Cloud Storage Providers Using PGP and Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology

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DeepDotWeb 4 Jan 2017 0

Despite the fact that cloud computing is currently adopted on a wide scale, the secur...

Security Researchers Found a “One-Stop-Shop” for Hacking Tools on Command and Control Server

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DeepDotWeb 9 Jan 2017 4

Security researchers from Kaspersky Lab’s Secure List described the ...

Hacker Who Tried To Frame Security Researcher in 2013 – Sentenced To Prison

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DeepDotWeb 15 Mar 2017 1

A 31-year-old hacker from Ukraine, was sentenced to 41 months in prison for serious c...

Romanian Police Join Forces With Domestic Internet Security Company To Fight Cybercrime

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DeepDotWeb 17 Apr 2017 0

The Romanian police collaborate with internet security company BitDefender to fight c...

Investment on Security Firms Rise as Dark Web and Bitcoin Ransomware Cases Increase

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DeepDotWeb 21 Apr 2017 0

Early-stage and state-led investments on cybersecurity firms are increasing exponenti...

CiantiMF – An Android OS Security Framework For Protection Against Tor Botnet Malware

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DeepDotWeb 13 May 2017 0

The number of individuals using online payment systems via mobile devices is increasi...