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German Police Address Former Politician for Years of Darknet Distribution

DeepDotWeb 6 Sep 2017 0

A former district committee member and board spokesperson of the Green party in Fried...

Carinthian Counterfeit Vendor Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

DeepDotWeb 15 Sep 2017 6

In Carinthia, a 34-year-old received three years imprisonment for producing and selli...

Man sentenced over 300 years for Darkweb child porn case

DeepDotWeb 19 Sep 2017 9

A resident of Virginia has been sentenced to 300 years in prison for...

Sheep Marketplace Owner Gets Nine Years in Prison

DeepDotWeb 14 Oct 2017 6

A court in the Czech Republic sentenced Tomáš Jiříkovský, the creator of the Sheep d...

MDMA Vendor Duo Sentenced to Six Years in Prison

DeepDotWeb 31 Oct 2017 2

Two 23-year-old men, according to the prosecution in a Netherlands court, sold “dozen...

Highland Heights’ darknet fentanyl dealer sentenced to 12 years

DeepDotWeb 11 Nov 2017 0

On October 31, a Highland Heights darknet fentanyl dealer was senten...

Anderson Township Man Sentenced to 3 Years for Providing Dark Web Child Porno Links to an Undercover Age...

DeepDotWeb 23 Nov 2017 19

On November 9, an Anderson Township man was sentenced to 3 years in ...

Georgia Judge Sentences Russian Hacker to 14 Years in Prison

DeepDotWeb 16 Dec 2017 1

U.S. District Judge Steve C. Jones of the Northern District of Georgia sentenced a Ru...

Amphetamine Dealer Gets Two Years of Probation

DeepDotWeb 21 Dec 2017 1

A 21-year-old drug dealer managed to leave a Bavarian courtroom with...

PlayPen Member Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison

DeepDotWeb 22 Dec 2017 1

U.S. District Judge John A. Mendez of the Eastern District of Califo...