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BTCking: Sentenced To 4 Years in Prison

DeepDotWeb 21 Jan 2015 0

Robert M. Faiella – who was a vendor on Silk road known as BTCking, was sentenced to ...

BMR Toxin Vendor Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison

DeepDotWeb 19 Feb 2015 0

A Florida man was sentenced yesterday to 110 months in prison for producing and selli...

Silk Road Vendor NOD Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison

DeepDotWeb 20 Mar 2015 7

As it was published in a press release by Seller on Silk Road Used Sc...

Vendor ‘SuperTrips,’ Sentenced To 10 Years

DeepDotWeb 29 May 2015 3

A Dutch man described by the U.S. as the biggest drug dealer on Silk Road was ordered...

Australian DarkWeb Pedo Site Admin Sentenced To 35 Years in Jail

DeepDotWeb 11 Aug 2015 12

Former Families Worker in South Australia, Shannon Grant McCoole (33) has pleaded gui...

Ex-Silk Road Vendor Faces Up To 20 Years in Prison for Dealing Methylone

DeepDotWeb 25 Sep 2015 1

A 30-year-old Orlando man faces 20 years in federal prison for selling designer drugs...

Corrupt DEA Agent Carl Force Gets 6 Years In Prison For Extorting Bitcoins

DeepDotWeb 23 Oct 2015 4

Carl Force, the former DEA agent who was part of the Silk Road task force was sentenc...

Shiny Flakes Sentenced To 7 Years

DeepDotWeb 7 Nov 2015 13

On Monday, Maximilian S. AKA Shiny Flakes, the 20 years old dark web dealer, has been...

PedoEmpire’s “Lux”: Matthew David Graham Jailed For 15 Years

DeepDotWeb 23 Mar 2016 27

Matthew David Graham (23), who operated under the ”Lux” pseudo name on his child porn...

Chinese National Sentence to 16 Years for Buying Ricin on Dark Net

DeepDotWeb 21 Apr 2016 2

Chinese national Cheng Le, who was living in New York City, attempted to order ricin ...